by Theme&Variation

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released January 11, 2010

Recorded at Big Sky Studios, Engineered by Geoff Michaels. Mastered at Western Sound Studios, Engineered by Ian Gorman. All lyrics written by Daniel Lamb. All music theme&variation bmi 2010.



all rights reserved


Theme&Variation Hendersonville, North Carolina

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Track Name: Fisher Body's Sound
Autumn leaves held in air. The dimming afternoon air. On a walk with my love, we’ll take it nice and slow. Down the block to Kalamazoo the neighbors wave the dog drags you. God it is good to be where you’re supposed to be.
The west side of this town grew up with Fisher Body's sound. Now a mute battle ground, did union ties do it?
They made it happen. They manufactured a good life (an add on TV). Now it won’t happen again. Blame it on the lack of our diversity.
The home we chose to raise our kids has got a rich heritage, but a look beneath the skimmed history reveals. We made great motor wheels, but to do so some corrupt deals. Accept the bumpy road. Let’s ride it now in style.
We’ll make it happen. Mend the fractured union led economy. It will happen if we build it on the strength of our diversity.
Track Name: Tiny Heartbeat
Tiny heart beating there in the dark. Your head to feet not one inch apart. Curve of your spine. Finger prints designed so unique to you. Will of your mind. Heart starts keeping time. Life resides in you.
Lovers combine two having one heart. Created thrills like eyes on new art. Curve of their spines. Fingers intertwined. So discrete they move. Will of their minds. Hearts beat double time. Life creates a new.
Track Name: Words In a Whisper
Words in a whisper. Silent cheer. Your voice as a child. All these you may hear. A story read aloud to eager ears. The roar of a rain cloud its lighting flashing near.
Tell me what it sounds like dear. Voice of God in your ear. All my life I’ve tried to hear. Voice of God close and dear.
Lunatic hands on your wall. Their beat reminds your time on earth is small. Bird on a window knows the tune. The melody of corrupt love renewed.
Days are like smoke. Shifting for hope. Caught in a gale. That is how frail we are. You spoke through our heart’s heavy load. Song in the air. Child I care.
Track Name: Hate
Old man sitting by a red wood forest. Old man wishing he was half his age. Old man sing another railroad chorus. Man praying at the end of the day.
God I wish I wasn’t lonely. God I wish I would have stayed. In my home with my lover and our sweet sleeping babe.
Gray gal walking down a path in autumn. Gray gal wishing she was half her age. Gray gal sing another old maid’s chorus. Gal praying as she goes on her way.
God I wish I wasn’t lonely. God I wish he would have stayed. In his home with me his lover and our sweet babe…
What were we to choose? Our child was nearly due. No money to pay the bill collector’s hate.
Track Name: The Path Is The Goal
Fields of black and gold. The wind moves in beats. The still control of every fold. A silver sheen on every furrow.
Heart and soul. When you realize the path is the goal you can feel the time and stand up.
Picture yourself all alone. You decide just what you will swallow. To reach out one hand’s even glow. Strike the keys there’s glorious singing.
Track Name: Like a Wound Fits a Knife
Breath in, breath in our collective sin. The misery of boys and girls who don’t know the ways of the country they live in. We farm it off on humanitarians when we are humans in the world why can’t we love like them?
It’s like a bad decision you can’t take back. Or a life of living lives without much regret.
You don’t know how it breaks me up (a man brought down to fill my cup). We’ve seen a vision of what is love but without action I’ve had enough. Like Haitians in Dominica brought over the border to sweeten my cup. Why does hunger twist a child’s side when my belt fits tight like a wound fits a knife?
Jesus come back. Cut the Christians some slack. We can’t afford to love everyone. Love’s a commodity. We’ve swallowed a lie about our selfish lives. Does blessing mean what we think? More like a camel through a needle’s eye.
It’s like a vicious circle we’re caught up in. When there’s love only for the lovely the rest can’t win.
Track Name: Seasonal Blues
Call me when the winter is over. Tell me when the ground’s reborn. We’ve felt the chill. We’ve braved the bitter storm. The dark days are in the winter. We long for the sun’s warmth. The fresh air we need ain’t found in these doors.
The air we need ain’t found in these doors…
Our child comes with the spring dear. That’s when our son is born. A moment of pain. A gift from the Lord. We’ll raise him on that New Wine. Drunk upon the joy of questioning life and filling the void.
A questioned life and heart without void…
In summer it’s a lush world of reds and greens and blues. Stems with their bright crowns. A shade canopy grew. In the backyard barbeques doll. Your yellow sun dress too. Southern sweet iced tea. The sand in your shoes.
The season’s blues
Track Name: Money to Stack
Hands to the air. I’m giving up the reins to my cares. Sing in the sun. Blinding my eyes just to get some vision.
You know what’s best. You know the ancient blood we’ve spilt forging the trends. I guess that’s the chances that we take when we initiate a religion?
Blame in the shifting eyes. Violent words like knives we sharpen. Call the bank beggin’ just to add on. Stab ‘em in the back for money to stack the pews on.
Track Name: Our Harbor Home
Walked on the bitter wind when I was old and you were just a kid. I a gray shadow to your youth. In image and metaphor displayed symbols of the Lord I live for. I spelled out all the wisdom that I knew.
Life is a wide sea which we sail. The boat is our body. The soul its crew. The stars in the heavens our prayers leading us to our harbor home.
The boys eye’s twinkled as the moon did rise and the dirt road came to an end. You’re telling me there’s more to life than this? Vague ideas of success and a lust for life I never can clutch to my breast. I feel fake and always let down.
I knew just when He beckoned me. The wind was in the north. It was blowing me back towards the gates of jubilee.